We are Peter & Rosemarie Hood and are better known as Rollcutter.com, a business which we started in 2001 to supply music rolls, plans, and parts to home builders of Mechanical Musical Organs. We were back then, the first and only producers of machined ‘Ready Punched’ ‘20’ Note Music needed for JSmith organ builds. Our next step was to also produce and make available ready made parts for home organ builders. Our aim then, as now, is to make available, a compliment of parts to ‘Home / Hobbyist Organ Builders’, who do not have access to the relevant tools or machinery required to obtain the accuracy needed to make some components, also for those who are eager for the end result, the opportunity to buy some ready made components leads to a shorter build time. In 2003 we released our own set of plans to build a larger ‘Midi Operated Fair Organ’, for which ready made parts and electronic components are also available.

We have now increased our merchandise and services to include many electronic components, which we source from all over the world in larger quantities, this enables us to make them available to you at a reasonable price. ( Do check our shopping pages on a regular basis for new products, as they will be added, as and when they become available ). We build to order specialized systems, such as individual Midi Systems and Music Book Scannners, as well as offering a Music Book Scanning Service. Decorative wooden carvings reproduced from original organ facades are the latest addition to our product / service range. ( Please check out each item heading for more information on these additions to rollcutter.com )

Look out for our distinctive “Rollcutter Roadshow” Gazebo at the various shows and venues we attend. Our gazebo houses demonstrations and working displays of a range of our products, as well as a dedicated area, in which you may sit and discuss (one to one), any associated questions you may have. To involve younger enthusiasts we have incorporated a ‘Children’s Corner’, giving them their own area in which they may try various percussion instruments from around the world, this area tends to be as popular with the adults as the children ! Visit us for a total “Organ-ic Experience”. 

Contact Details:

Peter & Rosemarie Hood

Telephone: UK (+44) 01843 841026
Email: rollcutter@btinternet.com